06 Jun 2024

Celebration of the birth of Pancasila in 2024

Yogyakarta, 1 June 2024 - The Health Polytechnic (Poltekkes) Kemenkes Yogyakarta held a solemn ceremony to commemorate the birth of Pancasila. The ceremony was attended by the entire academic community of the Polytechnic, including students, faculty and staff. The ceremony commenced at 07:00 WIB at the main field of the Directorate Campus. In his address, the Director of Poltekkes Kemenkes Yogyakarta, Iswanto, S.Pd, M.Kes., underscored the significance of Pancasila as the unifying spirit of the nation. He elucidated the theme of this year's commemoration, 'Pancasila, the Unifying Spirit of the Nation Towards a Golden Indonesia 2045'.....


Poltekkes Kemenkes Yogyakarta has 6 departments and 17 study programs. Poltekkes Kemenkes Yogyakarta has educational programs, namely Diploma Programs, Applied Undergraduate Programs, and Professional Programs

Department of Politeknik Kesehatan Yogyakarta


Medical Laboratory Technology

The Department of Medical Laboratory Technology has a D-III Study Program in Medical Laboratory Technology and an Applied Undergraduate Study Program in Medical Laboratory Technology


Nutrition Department

The Nutrition affairs of the Yogyakarta Ministry of Health Poltekkes currently have three study program, namely Diploma III Nutrition Study Program, Applied Nutrition and Dietetics Undergraduate Study Program, and Dietitian Professional Education Study Program


Midwifery Department

The Department of Midwifery currently has: four Study Programs, namely the Diploma III Midwifery Study Program, the Applied Midwifery Study Program, Midwife Profession Study Program, and Medical Record and Health Information Study Program


Nursing Department

he Department of Nursing consists of 4 Study Programs, namely Diploma III Studies Nursing, Applied Nursing Undergraduate Study Program, Nurse Professional Education Study Program, and Applied Nursing Undergraduate Study Program Anesthesiology


Dental Health Department

The Department of Dental Health has a Diploma III Dental Health Study Program and Study Program Applied Bachelor Dental Therapy


Environmental Health Department

Environmental Health Department has a Diploma III Study Program Sanitation and Undergraduate Study Program Applied Environmental Sanitation


Politeknik Kesehatan Yogyakarta'S VISION

To become a Superior, Cultured, and Global Higher Education Institution for Vocational and Health Professions in 2038.



Able to deliver students to become national assets with global insight, have a soul leadership and ready to work as a team and have integrity based on values Pancasila.



Politeknik Kesehatan Yogyakarta alumni are scattered in various regions, becoming professional health workers.


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