Laboratories at Politeknik Kesehatan Yogyakarta

LLaboratory is a very important component. Politeknik Kesehatan Yogyakarta facilities and infrastructure are needed to support practice-based learning. Laboratories are located both in the Departments and in Integrated Laboratories. The integrated Laboratories are used by all departments scheduled at the beginning of the semester. Politeknik Kesehatan Yogyakarta in efforts to improve the quality of education continues to make arrangements, refinement, and also improvements in all aspects. One of them is the Politeknik Kesehatan Yogyakarta Laboratory carrying out ISO 17025:2017. ISO 17025 or Laboratory management system is a standard of competency requirements for Laboratory management systems. This system is used to develop a management system for quality, administrative and technical activities. This standard establishes general requirements for competence in performing tests and calibrations, including sampling. It includes calibration and testing using standard and non-standard processes as well as the processes developed by the Laboratory.

Laboratory plays an important role as an educational place apart from the lecturing hall or classes. Laboratory must have completeness especially in building and utility, equipment, materials, personnel, and system to support the adequate management system. Laboratory needs to be managed well because it can enhance the effectiveness and optimization of the learning process through the implementations of various research functions and community services. In addition, Laboratories can be the means for training students to develop scientific skills such as searching, collecting, observing, experimenting, and concluding the existing data.

Integrated Laboratories


Language Laboratory

The Language and Multimedia Laboratory is located in Building G, Central Campus of Poltekkes Kemenkes Yogyakarta


Integrated Chemical Laboratory

The Integrated Chemical Laboratory is located in Education Laboratory Building, Central Campus Poltekkes Kemenkes Yogyakarta


Integrated Microbiology Laboratory

The Integrated Microbiology Laboratory is located in Education Laboratory Building, Central Campus Poltekkes Kemenkes Yogyakarta

Laboratories in Departments

Medical Laboratory Technology Department

  • Parasitology Laboratory
  • Clinical Chemistry Laboratory
  • Hematology Laboratory
  • Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
  • Bacteriology Laboratory
  • Nutrition Department

  • Institutional Food Service Management System Laboratory
  • Food Service Laboratory
  • Food Science Laboratory
  • Food Taste Testing Laboratory
  • Nutritional Status Assessment Laboratory
  • Nutrition Counseling and Consultation Laboratory
  • Midwifery Department

    Clinical Laboratory 1

  • Intra-natal Care Laboratory
  • Newborn Laboratory
  • Infant, Toddler, and Preschool Laboratory
  • Reproductive Health & Birth Control Laboratory
  • Maternal Neonatal Emergency Laboratory
  • Counseling and Education Laboratory

  • Clinical Laboratory 2

  • Midwifery Basic Skill Laboratory
  • Antenatal Care Laboratory
  • Disaster Preparedness Laboratory

    Laboratory 3

  • Post Natal Care Laboratory
  • Parentcraft Education Laboratory

  • Laboratory 4

  • Community Midwifery Laboratory
  • Adolescent Counseling, Pre-Conception, and Transition Phase Laboratory
  • Nursing Department

  • Mini Hospital
  • Child Nursing Laboratory
  • Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory
  • OSCE Laboratory
  • Psychiatric Nursing Laboratory
  • Basic Nursing Laboratory
  • Surgical/anesthesiology Laboratory
  • Maternity Laboratory
  • Family Nursing Laboratory
  • Community Laboratory
  • Dental Health Department

  • Pre-Clinical Laboratory
  • Conservation Laboratory
  • Promotional Laboratory
  • Anatomy Physiology & Basic Medical Laboratory
  • Histology and Microbiology Laboratory
  • Nursing Service Laboratory
  • Environmental Health Department

  • Parasitology Laboratory
  • Vector Laboratory
  • Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Laboratory
  • Medical Record

  • Assembling and Filling Laboratory
  • Statistical Coding Laboratory
  • Patient Admission Laboratory