Main Tasks and Functions of Health Research Ethics Committee (KEPK)

Main Tasks and Functions of KEPK

  1. Conducting an ethical review of health research protocols.
  2. Providing ethical clearance to the research protocols.
  3. Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of research that has obtained ethical clearance/approval.
  4. Disseminate ethical guidelines according to WHO standards and guidelines.
  5. Proposing termination of health research implementation that deviates or does not comply the protocols as the ethical approval given
  6. Submitting a review of health research protocols from other research institutions that have a legal dispute with the researchers
  7. Conducting competency accreditation of the ethical commissions / ethical review institutions with National Health Research and Development Ethics Commission.
  8. Conducting health research ethics training, both in the institution and other institutions
  9. To perform the tasks well, KEPK is supported by a competent secretariat for daily administrative operations.

Administrative Requirements

1. Manual 48 protocols
2. WHO-based Informed Consent consisting of 35 points
3. CV of researchers and members
4. EC proposal cover letter
5. Proof of direct payment /ATM/mobile banking to the bank account of Poltekkes Kemenkes Yogyakarta BNI No. 6176018899
6. Research Instrument
7. Statement Letter